Community Sustainability and WealthWorks

Communities Unlimited works in communities, to help create an inclusive strategy for entrepreneur development and sustainable wealth creation. We bring a variety of services directly to communities and connections to our partners for access to other resources.

Our Community Sustainability work engages community stakeholders from all sectors to help them move to a position of self-reliance and prosperity.   The facilitation process involves the organization of a diverse community leadership team to engage community stakeholders, evaluation of community resources and opportunities, creation and implementation of a strategy that builds on opportunities and addresses barriers to economic growth and equipping the community with tools to sustain and continue to grow the strategy.   The work strives to showcase the resources of the community and resources of our partners working collectively with the services of Communities Unlimited for deeper impact.



One of the tools CU brings into communities is a framework to create value chains that connect community assets with real market demand. CU is one of six WealthWorks Regional Hubs across the nation, experienced in building wealth creating value chains. 

WealthWorks offers a systematic approach that identifies enterprising opportunities in a region and engages a wide range of partners in turning those opportunities into results that both build and capture wealth that is intentionally rooted in local people, places and firms.

WealthWorks Hubs function as part of a learning community, committed to learning from each other and improving on the WealthWorks approach. Hubs also provide a way for interested practioners to learn more about and connect with organizations implementing WealthWorks on the ground, and to support work at the state, regional and local levels.


As a WealthWorks Hub, we are committed to broadly sharing our on-the-ground experience of doing economic development differently. Since 2011, we have been building a farm to fuel value chain from farmers, agronomic service providers, local government, colleges and universities, entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations, policy organizations and high school students to the end customer. The resulting Delta BioEnergy collaborative is now producing biofuel from an energy crop and waste vegetable oil in the Delta of Arkansas.












To learn more about Delta Bioenergy you can visit the initiative's website at



We are currently exploring other value chains around healthy foods.

If you would like more information about WealthWorks and our work facilitating value chain development, please contact us.